“My greatest joy as a family doctor is establishing trust and fluid communication with my patients…

…Great relationships are the key to providing comprehensive care”. Dr. Kate Payne, Medical Director, Symphony Health

Maximize your skills and expertise.

Discover the benefits of Collaborative care.

Dr. Kate Payne

Medical Director


Maximize your skills and expertise.

Discover the benefits of Collaborative care.

We are always looking for like minded physicians and office assistants who can contribute to our team and grow with us.

Dr. Kate Payne
Medical Director, Symphony Health

The benefits of Collaborative care

  1. Creates better health outcomes for patients by reducing patient complications and clinical error rates
  2. Enhances patient satisfaction
  3. Builds a resourceful workforce that is better equipped to respond to local health needs and emerging situations
  4. Maximizes a doctor’s skills and expertise
  5. Increases health in family doctors by creating better working relationships and environments.
  6. Enhances job satisfaction for family doctors

Join our
Physician Team

Symphony Health is bringing together healthcare professionals from all over the world who have a desire to learn, share and grow together.


We are on a mission to create the most rewarding and satisfying environment that a family doctor can work in. Our team is proactive in helping both new and experienced family doctors love their job and reach their full potential.


If you believe you’d compliment our community of doctors we’d love to hear from you.

Join our Office Team

The provision of healthcare doesn’t start when a patient walks into the doctor’s office but from the moment they meet our outstanding team of assistants. A good medical office assistant can help speed up the medical process by providing an environment which enables a patient to receive the care they deserve.


Symphony Health is committed to providing each of our Medical Office Assistants with training, compensation and benefits that takes into account the vital role they play within our team. If you are looking for your next step as an MOA and feel like you would flourish in this kind of office we’d love to hear from you.

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