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Symphony Health

Your medical team working together for your well-being.

Comprehensive care delivered by personable family doctors.

Located in the heart of Lonsdale, our primary care clinic is providing collaborative healthcare to North Vancouver

A modern approach to primary care

Given the context, where medicine is always evolving and a person’s health is the highest priority, we believe in the importance of a team approach to your care. No one health professional has all the answers.


Our doctors share up to date medical advice and utilise their different specialities to ensure the best all round health for our patients. Your Symphony Health doctor carefully listens to you and the perspectives of our team to create a long term plan to improve your overall health.

Changing the
patient experience

Patients bring unique and important perspectives on their own care. It’s unfortunate that these views are often overlooked.


Within our collaborative approach to your healthcare you become a key member of the team. We believe that good communication and taking the time to hear your perspective speeds up the medical process.

made easy

Accessibility is an important part of the service we provide. We have implemented technology that makes it easy for you to book appointments, communicate with your doctor and review some of your medical records.


We are looking forward to introducing you to Symphony Health’s patient portal.

Become a patient

We are actively growing our physician team in order to accept new patients. You can join our waitlist today and we will contact you when one of our doctors has an opening.

Your new long term healthcare provider

Good care is continuous care